Fun things to do while quarantined

So many of us are still quarantined due to coronavirus and while being at home it can be really boring. But I have a list of things that you can do at home while quarantined.

Things to do at home

Redo your room

This is a really good idea since we are spending a lot of time in our rooms/home. Did you hear of the new aesthetic room decor? Well it’s a popular tiktok tend and people are making their room look more aesthetic! I would definitely find my aesthetic and give it a try. You can find most of the items to redo your room on amazon so you don’t even have to leave your home.

Build a fort

This is fun for all age! You can build a fort out of pillows or sheets and add all accessories you need in your fort like laptop for movies , books for reading and snacks.

Rock painting

This is fun, you can find rocks in your backyard. Plus it will be fun going on a rock hunt to find a perfect rock to paint.

Make a new playlist

Now is the time to try new music, trust me it will be fun! You will get a chance to laugh at songs you don’t like and you will be so happy when you find a new song to listen too.

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